Does your website deliver leads and clients for your business?

Does it contain effective sales copy? Does it anticipate sales objections?

If hundreds or even thousands of potential clients are visiting your website each month, you should receive at least a few phone calls or emails that turn into business. If you are receiving visitors, but none are becoming clients, then your website is failing in its purpose: to help your business grow.

Successful Business Websites Focus on The Client's Needs

Prospects turn into clients when your website persuades them that you understand what they need and that your business can deliver the solution. That means you need to understand why clients are searching for your product or service, and what outcome they are seeking when purchasing it.

That means "selling the outcome" and explaining the positive results that your clients get when they work with or buy from you. With effective marketing copy and clear calls to action, your website can product high-quality warm leads for your sales team.

What is Conversion Optimization?

"Conversion optimization" is a sales strategy for websites that uses time-tested marketing tactics to increase the number of service leads or product sales delivered by a website. It includes:

Writing effective marketing copy that explains the benefits of your product or service

Creating content that will attract & interest your best customers

Website design that enhances & compliments marketing messages

Strong focus on the needs and desires of the website visitor (the prospect)

Clear, easy-to-follow calls-to-action to let visitors know how to get started

Conversion Optimization Strategies

Conversion optimization can include changes to a website's content, design and navigation menu. The goal is to guide the visitor through a sales pitch that provides answers to all of the client's questions and objections, make them feel confident about choosing your business, and make them feel informed enough to make a decision.

I can help your website get leads and sales using conversion optimization strategies like these:

Split testing
Lead magnets
Customer value proposition
Unique selling proposition
Sense of urgency
Addressing objections & concerns
Establish credibility
Sell benefits & outcomes

Lead Magnets Help Identify Interested Prospects

"Lead magnets" are free resources or information that you make available for potential customers to download from your website in exchange for a phone number or email address.

They inform prospects about the services you provide, making them feel confident about their purchase and establishing your business as an authority on the subject. They also provide a valuable indicator of interest and clues to where the prospect is in their buying process.

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